robert bob lalas
There are a lot unique pictures here it so amazing
This was my first time shooting with you and it was awesome! I love my pictures! Looking forward to shooting with you again. Thanks!
Kim & Ed Adair(non-registered)
Great pictures Joe! I ordered a couple of my boys from the last swim meet and can't wait to get them! Congrats on your new site!
Jim and Jennifer Konitsney(non-registered)
Great new site Joe! Love not only all of the great photos, but the history of the Club that is found here on your website. So fun to browse through prior years and see the kids grow up! Thanks for all of your hard work as our Club photographer!
Torry, Dianne, Savannah and Brooke Brennan(non-registered)
Wonderful pictures Joe! We all thank you very much for investing so much of your personal time to photograph our swimmers. Keep up the great work!
Karen, Patrick, and Rielly Lavery(non-registered)
Thanks for everything you do for Utica Shelby Swim Club. I always seem to be without my camera, so I am truly grateful that you are at the swim meets taking pictures. Your photography and service is top-notch!
John Licari(non-registered)
Congrats on the new site Joe! You pictures are the best!
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